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github lens — now with previews

After reading Michael Hall’s blog about adding Unity Previews to Singlet, I knew it was something I needed to add to my singlet lenses.  The most obvious choice to me was allowing users to git clone a GitHub repo from the Preview.  After a couple days of experimenting, I finally figured out what to do […]

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writing good bugs for Ubuntu on nexus 7

Now that Ubuntu is up and running on the Google Nexus 7 tablet, the community has become very active, logging bugs, asking questions on Ask Ubuntu, and trying to help out with the project. This level of community involvement is absolutely fantastic, and we’d love for it to keep up, as this will help make […]

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GitHub lens, now in the software center!

After a couple of weeks back in forth with the nice people over at the ARB (application review board), it seems that the GitHub Lens is now finally available for all without having to go through the hassle of adding a PPA. Yes, anyone with a 12.10 install can now simply install straight from the […]

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A call for help regarding github lens

Hey guys, so it turns out I’ve got a bit of an issue. I’m trying to get the GitHub Lens into the Ubuntu Software Center, but I can’t with the current set of icons (as they are against the GitHub policies). If anyone reading this is super awesome (both as a person and as a […]

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bring on uds

I’m in Copenhagen, eagerly waiting the start of UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit).  This will be the 4th UDS I’ve attended in person, and the 7th since I’ve started working at Canonical.  To be honest, each UDS is more and more exciting for me, as I get my feet in more doors around the community and […]

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you got your ubuntu on my nexus 7

I just wanted to be one of the cool kids, and show off a Nexus 7 running Ubuntu.  Want more info?  Keep your eyes peeled this UDS!

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Probably last one for awhile — unity-scope-thesaurus ready for testing

Well, my last scope was a dictionary, it seems only natural that the next one would be a thesaurus, right?  It’s building in scopes-packagers/ppa as we speak, and should be available for downloading and testing soon.  This uses the same api as the dictionary scope, but gives you a list of synonyms, as well as […]

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unity-scope-dictionary ready for testing!

So in a ever-so-slightly different bit of news, today I’m announcing a new Unity Scope, instead of a whole new Unity Lens.  This scope is a Dictionary, using the Wordnik API, which I have built into David Calle’s awesome Utilities Lens for Precise.  What this means, is that there will be no icon or anything […]

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lens ideas

As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been making a bunch of lenses lately (whether or not they’re good is obviously up to you guys).  I’ve found that it’s pretty fun to write them, and I plan on writing a quick sum-up so that people can write their own, but first, I’d like to ask […]

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Unity VM Lens now in Ubuntu extras (plus software center)

The first Unity lens that I wrote, about 6 months ago or so, allows you to search and start Virtualbox VM’s straight from the dash.  The reason I made this, was because in my testing for work, I had a lot of different VM’s, and got sick of waiting for VirtualBox to open to then […]

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