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Unzipper lens for unity

So I asked reddit what kind of lens they’d want to see in Unity, and to my surprise, their top answer was: “I’d like to see a lens that shows the contents of an archive without having to unzip it”.  I guess this makes sense if you want to verify the archive’s contents without having […]

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Now introducing: the unity github lens!

After writing + releasing the pypi lens, I was still in the mood for some random coding. Since I now feel I have a bit of a grasp on Unity Lenses (thanks to Michael Hall’s Singlet + Quickly), I decided I may as well keep going, and make as many lenses as people would find […]

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Introducing Unity PyPi Lens

So I wanted to try my hand at some Unity Lens writing again (the first time being unity-lens-vm).  After thinking all day Sunday for what kind of lens I wanted, I eventually came up with a lens for PyPi.  For those that don’t know, PyPi is the python package index, which allows users to find […]

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libfitbit packaged

Like many people who sit in front of a computer all day, I could use a little bit more exercise.  To help with this, I got the FitBit Ultra some time ago ( only to be disappointed in the lack of Linux support.  After some googling, I found a nice little client written in Python […]

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Xpresser, now with 100% more special key support

So special key support is finally supported in my favorite GUI automation tool, Xpresser.  What that means is that now you can do all sorts of crazy stuff with it, like pretend you’re typing Control+Alt+T to open a terminal in Ubuntu.  The way that we wrote this ensures that all current Xpresser scripts using the […]

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Obligatory Introduction Post

Welcome to, the personal/professional blog of Chris Wayne (as if you couldn’t have figured that out already).  I’ve decided to start this up so I could chronicle stuff that I do at work, and other nerdy stuff that I do.  Basically, I’m doing my part to get rid of the whole “I googled a […]

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