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Sync your fitbit one/force/flex/zip from Ubuntu with galileo

Thanks to Benoit Allard, there is now a way to sync the newer fitbit devices from within Ubuntu!  I’ve packaged it up and put it in my PPA, so now it’s easier than ever to sync your Fitbit.  To install (make sure the USB dongle is plugged in):  

The sync should now happen […]

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Why I use Unity: Part 1

There was recently a thread on reddit about whether or not people use scopes, and as usual, the vocal “UNITY SUCKS I HATE CANONICAL BECAUSE I LOVE GNOME2 AND WISH IT WAS STILL 1996″ crowd was present, although there were also quite a few positive answers.  What it made me realize most, though, is how […]

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fitbit-steps-indicator ready for initial testing

Inspired by Stuart Langridge’s Ubuntu Edge Progress Indicator, I decided that it would be a good idea to make a new indicator.  The first thing that came to mind was my Fitbit, so that I can keep track of my steps straight from my OS.  So, I updated the account-plugin-fitbit online account, and made a […]

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check ubuntu edge’s progress with ubuntu-edge-indicator

Stuart Langridge wrote a great little indicator app to keep track of Ubuntu Edge’s Indiegogo crowd-funding progress.  The one thing it was missing was being packaged, so i went ahead and took care of that.  To get the indicator and keep track of the progress straight from the desktop!  To get the indicator:

To […]

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on weight loss and being healthier

Back in November, I realized that I needed to make a change.  I’ve always been a big guy, but I was now the huge guy, and I was sick of it.  Since then, I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds (99.5 at the moment).  I realized that someone else may be able to learn from my experiences, and […]

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Connect with your FitBit account to get your FitBit accomplishments!

The FitBit is a small device, essentially a pedometer on steroids, that counts your steps and stairs climbed, and uses this information (along with your weight) to calculate your calories burned throughout the day.  The goal of this is to show the user how active they are on that day, and to persuade them to become […]

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github lens — now with previews

After reading Michael Hall’s blog about adding Unity Previews to Singlet, I knew it was something I needed to add to my singlet lenses.  The most obvious choice to me was allowing users to git clone a GitHub repo from the Preview.  After a couple days of experimenting, I finally figured out what to do […]

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GitHub lens, now in the software center!

After a couple of weeks back in forth with the nice people over at the ARB (application review board), it seems that the GitHub Lens is now finally available for all without having to go through the hassle of adding a PPA. Yes, anyone with a 12.10 install can now simply install straight from the […]

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A call for help regarding github lens

Hey guys, so it turns out I’ve got a bit of an issue. I’m trying to get the GitHub Lens into the Ubuntu Software Center, but I can’t with the current set of icons (as they are against the GitHub policies). If anyone reading this is super awesome (both as a person and as a […]

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bring on uds

I’m in Copenhagen, eagerly waiting the start of UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit).  This will be the 4th UDS I’ve attended in person, and the 7th since I’ve started working at Canonical.  To be honest, each UDS is more and more exciting for me, as I get my feet in more doors around the community and […]

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