Xpresser, now with 100% more special key support

So special key support is finally supported in my favorite GUI automation tool, Xpresser.  What that means is that now you can do all sorts of crazy stuff with it, like pretend you’re typing Control+Alt+T to open a terminal in Ubuntu.  The way that we wrote this ensures that all current Xpresser scripts using the type method won’t have any issues or loss of function, but any new scripts can now use that same type function to get some special key-presses.  How did we do this?  Magic.  That’s how.  Or, you know, with python.

This will allow fellow QA people to automate damn near anything using Xpresser.  Here is a sample script that will open up the Unity Dash directly to the Applications lens (by typing Super + A), and then search for a program, then hits enter to open it, then checks that it’s opened.  This could obviously be done with screenshots and clicking as well, but hey, I’m excited about this.

Simple isn’t it?  And here’s what that script does, in the form of a super-awesome-number-one screencast.



Documentation is being updated to show how to use this new functionality.  Updates will be in shortly.

This functionality can now be found in version 1.1.3 of python-xpresser, available now in ppa:xpresser-team/ppa.


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