check ubuntu edge’s progress with ubuntu-edge-indicator

Stuart Langridge wrote a great little indicator app to keep track of Ubuntu Edge’s Indiegogo crowd-funding progress.  The one thing it was missing was being packaged, so i went ahead and took care of that.  To get the indicator and keep track of the progress straight from the desktop!  To get the indicator:

To run, either run ubuntu-edge-indicator from terminal, or simply reboot

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4 Responses to “check ubuntu edge’s progress with ubuntu-edge-indicator”

  1. Neil Says:

    Kudo’s to Stuart for the app and to you for making it so easy… saves me from refreshing the web page every five minutes :D

  2. stapel Says:

    very cool, thanks

  3. Will Says:

    Hey, it froze up. It’s been stuck at 13:06 time for a while, 17:37 right now. What can I do to fix that?

  4. daniel edwards Says:

    quick suggestion, could you do one for kubuntu i.e in qt so that it comes up on linux mint kde, all im getting is 4 orange stripes and no numbers besides it

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