Now introducing: the unity github lens!

After writing + releasing the pypi lens, I was still in the mood for some random coding. Since I now feel I have a bit of a grasp on Unity Lenses (thanks to Michael Hall’s Singlet + Quickly), I decided I may as well keep going, and make as many lenses as people would find useful. So I began to think and ask around what people would find useful, and the top answer I got was GitHub. And to make things easier, GitHub has a nice API!

The GitHub Lens searches through repos as well as users. This will be useful if you want to search for say, “Google Voice” to see if anyone has any google voice api’s hanging around on GitHub. You could also search for your friends to see if they have a github account. Lastly, if you want to list all of the repos that a given user owns, simply search for their name with a ‘@’ in front of it. This will return all of their repos, and with a fun little bonus, will use their gravatar if they have one.

Check it out below:

github from chris wayne on Vimeo.

As usual, the code can be found on launchpad, at lp:~cwayne18/onehundredscopes/unity-lens-github

To install:



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5 Responses to “Now introducing: the unity github lens!”

  1. Joakim Berglund Says:

    I like it! Good work! :)

  2. cwayne Says:

    It’s called minimal, their site is here:

  3. death259 Says:

    cwayne, just going to let you know, the guy asking about your theme is really just spamming politely.

  4. Fitoschido Says:

    Thanks, it is really useful. How about making it translatable? Cheers.

  5. cwayne Says:

    Hmm, that’s something I can definitely look into, but I may end up being limited by their API. I’ll certainly take a look though!

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