bring on uds

I’m in Copenhagen, eagerly waiting the start of UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit).  This will be the 4th UDS I’ve attended in person, and the 7th since I’ve started working at Canonical.  To be honest, each UDS is more and more exciting for me, as I get my feet in more doors around the community and at Canonical, I get more and more excited about what we’re all doing here.  It’s great to see the community come together and play a real, honest role in the development of this *awesome* software.  I’m also excited since I’ll be taking a more active role in a lot more sessions than usual, mostly thanks to my work on Ubuntu Core running on the Nexus 7.

This place will be swarming with nerds tomorrow morning

I’ll also be attending/leading some sessions talking about Xpresser (my favorite python gui automation tool), and the plans we have for it in Raring Ringtal and beyond.  This should definitely be a pretty interesting couple of sessions, as I’d really like development and community participation to pick up on that front.

Something I’m also super excited about:  Steam on Linux!  There’s a lot of murmurs around Copenhagen that they’re going to announce the Public Beta here at UDS, now I just need to hope that that session doesn’t conflict with any of mine, because that would be AWESOME to see.

Long story short, if anyone out there is going to be at UDS, feel free to come over and say hi, unless you want to tell me the lenses I write suck or something.  In that case, just ignore me.

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